Choose Well Video

We found this video and we thought we’ll share it. It is promoting the need to Choose Well: an NHS initiative to promote the use of services appropriately.

It might sound far-fetched but the star of this video, Dee, does both of these in a humorous but informative Choose Well animation, which is based on real-life examples of A&E misuse.

Pills and big brains

Did you miss the Telegraph article in 2010 that reported that "Contraceptive pills increase the size of certain parts of women’s brains, improving memory and social skills"? That report was based on a small study that looked at brain structure of 14 men and 28 women. Although this is interesting, it is too small to…
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Medicine Tips

Remember to store your medication away from reach of children in preferably locked cupboards.   If you have medications you no longer need, remember to return them to the pharmacy for safe disposal. Please note that we don't accept needles for disposal.   If you need to dispose of needles contact the Support Services team…
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